A Note From Niani

A NOTE FROM NIANI, our Founder & CEO

Black women face systemic obstacles, pay inequity, and even hair discrimination (which is actually legal in 43 states- yikes), and I wanted to even the playing field for these women who often get overlooked as we enter historically the most competitive job market due to the pandemic.

The result of that post? In 48 hours, over 300 recruiters wanted in, and over 500 Black womxn signed up to participate.

What the HECK did I just get myself into?

Starting off as that post to help 19 Black womxn on Juneteenth, we are now a growing community of 4,500 people, and we now have an ambitious goal of getting 10,000 black women hired, trained, or promoted.

We started off with the depth of the connections in mind. Now, we are challenged to think about breadth without losing the quality of the connections that we can build.”

I am Niani, a marketer- turned technology recruiter & the founder of the #HIREBLACK Initiative.